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Domestic Violence lawyers help victims of spousal or partner abuse in the Bay Area.

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Bernard P. Bray San Jose Criminal Lawyer


If you face criminal charges, you are probably worried about your future and your family. You should be!

The fact is, an arrest let alone a conviction, can wreak havoc on your life, and oftentimes have lifelong untoward consequences. Whether you are guilty or not, an experienced criminal defense attorney can change the course of your case and minimize your losses. With over 27 years in criminal law, Bernard P. Bray has handled most every type of criminal case and has worked at every level of the California Court System and the Federal Court System.  It is always best to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney with whom you can feel comfortable and confident immediately upon being arrested, or becoming aware that you or a loved one may be the target of a criminal investigation.


Domestic Violence cases are aggressively prosecuted in California and you should only be represented by an experienced attorney prepared to fight your case when faced with such charges.

An arrest for Domestic Violence or a Domestic Violence related crime can result from even the simple use of any type of force on the person of a spouse, domestic partner, dating partner, or child. California law encourages an arrest on all calls where allegations of Domestic Violence are reported.

Conviction for a Domestic Violence or a Domestic Violence related offense can have very serious consequences for even the first time offender including jail time, long term formal probation, long term anger management counseling, a presumption against custody in Family Court child custody proceedings, a criminal record, and other consequences.

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